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Modular Essentials


The components in the Modular Essentials collection are the starting point for adding versatility, adaptability and creativity to your playing. 

We developed many of our products as modular items so drummers would have the opportunity to mix and match multiple products to achieve the unique sounds they have been looking for.

The Modular Essentials will allow you to add our products, in endless combinations, to your drums, hi-hats and cymbals without having them infringe upon your playing area.

Just a few examples of uses:

  • Use the Utility Clutch and FX Post to have a small set of Stax on your snare drum.

  • Use the Rebound Clutch with the Lotus Jingle on your hi-hat to give you added movement and sound.

  • Try the Leather Strap on your snare and have the ability to flip the Hex Hub on and off without having to worry about where it will be next time you want to play it.

  • Use the Magnetic FX Arm to add a jingle to your snare. 

  • If your hi-hat rod is short, use the Hi-Hat Rod Extender with our Can Shaker or KPF Loaded Lotus to add a unique sound to your hats.

Create endless possibilities in sound!

Click HERE to see the full Modular System Story at the end of the page and see how you can use it to find your own sound!

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Access & Hardware


Stand out with your own sound!

Adding accessories and hardware to your kit can give you a new twist on your sound that your band and fans will love!

    Modular Essential Story

    The Modular System Story


    The Modular System is our Swiss Army knife of products.


    The development of this type of system came from a desire to have a unique sound without having to spend crazy amounts of money and also to make it easy to change things up.  As idea after idea emerged, so came a need to come up with a way to add all these new products without the stands and brackets taking up the whole room.  After careful evaluation, it became apparent that there was a lot of wasted space around the kit.  Why not put a jingle with a small set of Stax on the snare, put a shaker on the hi-hat, put 2 jingles together many ideas!  The light bulb came on with the thought of, "Why not use that wasted space to add all these cool sounds??"  So, the Modular System was born!  


    As things developed further, we kept the future in mind.  Keeping things affordable and interchangeable was important so we decided to sell the products in an “a la carte” manner.  With Kevin's endless ideas, he is always coming up with something new to add.  We wanted you to be able to add the new stuff without you having to waste your money on unnecessary, duplicate parts. 

    Combining various components of our Stax Series, Metal FX, Jingles and Shakers gives you layer upon layer of unique sounds.  Add different parts for different purposes, at any time, and achieve completely different sounds in the process.  Don't be afraid to be creative!

    We designed our products as a Modular System to give each drummer the ability to mix and match our metal products, jingles and shakers without having to purchase unnecessary or duplicate parts each time they want to add to their sound. You buy only the parts you want.

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