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In the guidelines below, we will explain what we'd like to see in your videos and why.

Please take the time to read through it, in its entirety,

BEFORE you start making videos.

It's a little long, but it is worth the time for you to read, understand

and follow these instructions. 


So, thank you for your interest and read on!  Contact us if you have any questions.

Click HERE, ONLY if you've already read and understand the guidelines, to be directed to the submissions form.

Let's get started:

We know it takes time and effort to make product videos and we want you to know we truly appreciate you!  We will review your video(s) and, as long as it's met the guidelines outlined below, we will let you know when it will be scheduled to be published.

Let's keep this real! 

We want to see how you are using our products so we can demonstrate the value they bring to drummers.  We will be looking for great playing and a great representation of our products. 


When you are considering a video to send us, ask yourself realistically:

Is this something other people will truly be interested in when they see it?

Is this something you, yourself, would stop scrolling for?

Your video doesn't have to be super flashy, but it should be interesting.  

Not everything we are sent will meet the requirements to get posted,

but remember, If it stands out, it's got a better chance. 

KEEP IT SHORT-ish, sort of.

Facebook is always making changes to what they say is the best length of video to post.  There’s no perfect length, anywhere from 20 seconds to 3-4 minutes could work, depending on Facebook’s mood du jour.  At this point in time, Facebook is recommending videos to be at least 3 minutes long.  Use your judgment.


BUT, Keep in mind, almost no one watches full videos anyway, even if they are only two to three minutes long.  So, you'll want to create a video that will grab people’s attention and draw them in from the start.


Regardless of the length, if it isn't interesting,

Facebook won't need to limit the reach of the video, the content will do that for itself. 

So, make it something people will want to take the time to watch.


We recommend that you edit your videos so the eye-catching stuff is at the beginning.

Types of Videos: 

What We DO and DON'T Accept:


We Do Accept:

  • ANY style of drumming and percussion playing using our products is welcome, as long as our products can be seen in the video!  (the camera doesn't have to be focused directly on our product(s), but they must be visible so people can clearly see them)

  • Drum solos and warm-up videos are great and can include other musicians, as long as the focus is on the drummer.  

  • If you choose to talk about the products in your video, please take a look at the product descriptions on the website, prior to shooting, to be sure your descriptions are accurate.  

  • Make it interesting!  BE CREATIVE!!!  Your video certainly does not need to be the fastest drumming, nor does it need to be the flashiest. It simply needs to be “compelling playing".

  • We'd love to see videos of you playing to drum-less tracks, your own original music, a cover of your favorite song (your own rendition of the song), loops, etc.  (anything that isn't copyrighted)

>>You are not obligated to use ONLY Creative Percussion products in your videos; however, the focus must be on our products and not on the other brands.<<

We Don't Accept: 

  • Videos of you playing along to an original version of a copyrighted song. (this would infringe on copyright laws and would be removed by Facebook Police)

  • Please do not send videos of your entire band playing where you can't be clearly seen and the products aren't clearly displayed.  We are okay with videos of the whole band from a DrumCam perspective or a full band video where the main focus is on the drummer, but the products must be able to be clearly seen in the video. 

  • We will not accept videos with poor sound quality.  We want to hear you playing all your drums, not just your cymbals...nobody wants to hear distorted cymbals.

  • Please don't use profanity or other subject-matters not appropriate for ALL ages.  (it's a family show)

  • THIS ONE IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!  If you choose to speak in your videos, PLEASE be respectful of other companies and their products.  No negative comments will be allowed.  You can describe the differences in other products vs. Creative Percussion products, but it MUST be done in a respectful way.  We are here to build this brand, not knock others down.

See the "Video Tips" section below for more useful ideas.

What To Include:

When you submit your video, you will need to include ALL the following information:


First and Last name: This one should be self-explanatory.

Email Address: This one should be self-explanatory.

City, State, and Country where you reside: This one should be self-explanatory.

Subject Line: Include your name and the Creative Percussion product(s) used in the video. I.E. Joe Drummer, Hex Practice Pad and Jazz Lite Twist Rods  (If using MANY products, state "many products".)

Your Facebook Fan Page or Personal Profile URL: Provide your existing Facebook page URL/link, and we’ll tag it (If you have both, send us the one you want us to promote).

URL Link to the Video: Please send your video via a link from a 3rd-party broadcast platform, such as Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo.  We will follow the link and download the video from there if we use it.  Not sure how to do this?  Send us an email, we are happy to help.  (Be sure your videos are set to “Public” so we can download them.)  Please do not send links to your videos from Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr, and please don't send us files to download.

Video Description: A brief description of the video.  Please include the description/name of the piece you're playing.  If you're using a DrumCam and playing with your band, please provide the band's name.  If using a loop, tell us how you created it, the style of play, the Creative Percussion products you're using, where you are playing, etc.  Include whatever you feel would accurately explain the video best. 

 Please be absolutely sure to include each of these items so we can properly promote you.

Video Tips:


When you shoot your video, keep the following in mind:

1. Always advise anyone recording with a phone to hold the device horizontally, NOT vertically.  It makes MUCH better videos, they are not narrow and claustrophobic, you get more in the picture and it is then shaped the way a video player is shaped.

 Vertically shot videos are less likely to get posted.









2. Most people only watch a minute or two of video on social media, and less than 10 seconds if it doesn’t grab them right away.  People are typically looking to be entertained right from the start.  Make it count!


​​3. Don't be afraid to EDIT...If the most spectacular part of your video is at 4:20, trim your video to begin right before that, otherwise, most of the audience will never see the best part!

4. If you are submitting multiple videos, BE SURE TO CHANGE THINGS UP!  Don't shoot the same location, with the same kit, from the same angle, using the same song, wearing the same shirt, etc. 

If your videos are too similar, people will think they've already seen it and will just scroll on by.  Change the camera angle, your shoes (seriously, it makes a difference), the lighting, etc.

5. If you are recording in a private studio/setting, consider using a tripod and a Podcast or external mic for improved sound quality.  Experiment with the placement of the mic to be sure you're getting a clear sound.



If We Use Your Video:

If we select your video, we will tag your existing FAN or PERSONAL Facebook page in the post and we would love to have you chime in on the comments and thank everyone for watching.  If you would like to, you can invite people to view your YouTube channel in the comments.

We would love to upload your video directly into our Facebook video library, so all videos are centrally located.  That will make it easiest for us to find and re-post often.  We are not entirely opposed to sharing your video from YouTube, however, that may limit how far Facebook will send it out.  

One thing to keep in mind is that you may see comments reflecting the fact that not everyone likes everything they see or hear.  If it happens, don't let it get to you.  We won't allow any negative commenting to get out-of-hand.  We, as the administrators, will do our best to keep things on the high road.  If comments get beyond the recovery point, the video may be removed, and argument participants may be banned from the page.


If we share your videos from YouTube, people will, obviously, be able to go to your YouTube channel to view other videos.  If we post/re-post your video from our Facebook library, we won't add the YouTube video links in the text of the posts, but, we are completely okay with you posting the YouTube link in the comments.  Again, you will be tagged, so you'll know when it's posted.

Happy Drumming from all of us at

Creative Percussion

and thank you for being part of our community!


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Thank you for your time and we look forward to receiving your video submission!

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