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Video Submissions Portal

We want to feature you on our website and social media pages!

In the guidelines below, we will explain what we'd like to see in your videos and why.

Please take the time to read through it, in its entirety, BEFORE you start making videos.


It's a little long, but it is worth the time for you to read, understand, and follow these instructions. 


So, thank you for your interest and read on!

Contact us if you have any questions.

Click HERE, ONLY if you've already read and understand the guidelines, to be directed to the submissions form at the end of the page.

Let's get started

We know it takes time and effort to make product videos and we want you to know we truly appreciate you!

What are we looking for?​​

Videos with:

  • our product(s) clearly visible in the shot.

  • a good representation of our product(s).

  • your video interesting enough to make someone stop scrolling?

  • drum solos, gig videos, studio videos, you playing to drum-less tracks, your own original music, a cover of your favorite song (your own rendition of the song), loops, etc.  (anything that isn't copyrighted).  Just be sure the product is clearly visible.

  • a length of 1 to 2 minutes.  We would happily take longer than 2 minutes, but we want to keep it easy for you.​​

>>You are not obligated to use ONLY Creative Percussion products in your videos; however, the focus must be on our products and not on the other brands.<<​​

We won't/can't accept videos with:

  • poor sound quality...we want to hear ALL of your playing, not just your cymbals. =)

  • you playing to copyrighted music (this would infringe on copyright laws)

  • videos where the product(s) can't be seen clearly.

  • profanity (this is a family show)

  • negative comments about other companies. Feel free to compare the differences, but please be respectful about it.  We are here to build our brand, not knock others down.

Video Tips:


When you shoot your video, keep the following in mind:

1. Always advise anyone recording with a phone to hold the device horizontally, NOT vertically.  

 Vertically shot videos are less likely to get posted.









2. Don't be afraid to EDIT...If the most spectacular part of your video is at 4:20, trim your video to begin around that time, we can edit it further if necessary.

3. If you are submitting multiple videos, BE SURE TO CHANGE THINGS UP!  Don't shoot the same location, with the same kit, from the same angle, using the same song, wearing the same shirt, etc. 

If your videos are too similar, people will think they've already seen it and will just scroll on by.  Change the camera angle, your shoes (seriously, it makes a difference), the lighting, etc.

4. If you are recording in a private studio/setting, consider using a tripod and a Podcast or external mic for improved sound quality.  Experiment with the placement of the mic to be sure you're getting a clear sound.



If we use your video:

  • We will need a link to your video so we can download it.  We prefer YouTube links, but can work with Vimeo as well.

  • We would like to tag you, so please include your Facebook and/or Instagram link. Please don't assume we have it already.

  • We may edit the content to adjust lighting, fit a format, be a certain length, etc. 

One thing to keep in mind is that not everyone likes everything they see or hear.  If we post your video and any negative comments are posted, please don't let it get to you.  We won't allow any negative commenting to get out-of-hand.  We, as the administrators, will do our best to keep things on the high road.  If comments get beyond the recovery point, the video may be removed, and argument participants may be banned from the page.​​

Video Submission Form

Click the .pdf box for a printable version of the CP Video Submission Guidelines

Now that we have covered the details, here is where you submit!

Please don't submit the same video more than once.

We are easily confused. =)


  • By submitting your video information, you agree to adhere to our guidelines listed above.

  • By submitting your video, you are certifying that there are no copyrights on any song, track and/or loops you are using.  Or, if they are copyrighted, you own the copyright.

  • By submitting your video, you give Creative Percussion permission to edit and use your video for promotional purposes.​​​

Thank you for your time and we look forward to receiving your video submission!

Your Video Submission Information

Thanks for submitting!

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