Creative Percussion Artists

Meet our CP Artist Family!

We are proud to have such an incredible group of people to work with. 


Thank you to each and every one of you for believing in us 

and endorsing our products!   

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Kevin Feeney
From: Goffstown, NH
Creative Percussion Founder
Uses: All Products
Dave Axel
Chris Belin
From: Pittsburgh, PA
Band: Derek Woods Band
Natalie Belin
From: Pittsburgh, PA
Band: Evan Dean Band
Joe Beninati
From: North Yarmouth, ME
Independant Artist
Joshua Berrios
From: Brooklyn, NY
Band: Funk Factory Music
Brian Blevins
From: Mackinaw, IL
Band: Waking Pauly
Rich Bloom
From: Contoocook, NH
Dave Calder
From: Hampstead, NH
Mark Christianson
From: Mobile, AL
Band(s): Analog Missionary, The Music Therapy Experiment, Xush Studios
Steve Cioppa
From: Bridgeport, CT
Band(s): Haptic Sense, The Heavy Hitters
Justin Cohen
From: San Rafael, CA
Band: Harmonic Law
Karl Crafton
From: Clinton Township, MI
Bands: Artificial Agent, Stiff Competition
Nick Davidson
From: Nashville, TN
Freelance Drummer
Charles Davis
From: Nashua, NH
Band: Take4
Quindrey "Drey" Davis
From: Spokane, WA
Band(s): Allen Stone, Bob Curnow Jazz Orchestra, Kären McCormick, Jesse Quandt, Ron Greene, Stevie Lynne
Mike DePetrillo
From: Tulsa, OK
Band: Firstryke
Ryan Garcia
From: Los Angeles, CA
Band: Suns of Cali, Session Artist
Donn Garrett
From: Seattle, WA
Chris Georgenes
From: Wellesley, MA
Band: The Boston Naturals
Rob "BobbyGrooves" Granfelt
From: Seattle, WA
Band: High Pulp
Chuckie Greenwood
From: Pelham, NH
Glenn Hamilton
From: Modesto, CA
Freelance Drummer
Ryan Hamman
From: Las Vegas, NV
Band: Crimson Riot and The Roxy Gunn Project
Aaron Harel
From: Philadelphia, PA
Band: Wax Future, 5AM Trio, Contract Player
Brady Hartman
From: Tioga, PA
Band: The Never Do Anythings
Sean Ibanez
From: Fort Worth,TX
Band(s): Goisagi (taiko group), Tell Emile (rock band)
Lenny Johnson
From: Iron River, MI
Band: Fatwood
Seth Kilbourn
JJ King
From: Buffalo, NY
Band: Sleep Signals and The Sweet Spots
Brian LaChance
From: Methuen, MA
Chad LaFleur
From: Holmen, WI
Band: Last Call
Sean Larsen
From: Sioux Falls, SD
Band: Restored Knights
Mike Maenza
From: Brooklyn, NY
Band: Jessie's Girl
Justin Mason
From: Hillsboro, AL
Band(s): Epic Church, Session drummer at Shiny Red Button Studio
Luke Matheson
From: Sheridan, AR
Bands: Highway 49 Blues Band, Tall Cotton Band, Lagrue Bayou Band
Chaz Mattison
From: Las Vegas, NV
Band(s): Drumbots, Las Vegas Drum Room, 1st Project, NHL Golden Knights drum line
Justin McGhee
From: Billings, MT
Freelance Artist
Mark Mefford
From: Omaha, NB
Band(s): Red Delicious, Crimson Driver
Charlie Nicholson
From: Las Vegas, NV
Band: Violent New Breed
Michael Ray Partlow
From: Birch Bay, WA
Band: Marlin James Band
Adam Plott
From: Pickens, SC
Band: The Jake Bartley Band
James Ryan
From: Nokomis, IL
Band: Dirty Henry
Kena Sosa
From: Grand Prairie, TX
Band: Goisagi
Kathy Steahle
From: Guilford, CT
Band(s): Sister Funk and Run Jenny
Scott Stewart
From: Eminence, KY
Band(s): Once Degree From Mande, 9volt Revolt, Independent Artist
Greg Stone
From: Fallbrook, CA
Band(s): The Oxen, Elephantricity
Nate Testa
From: Kissimmee, FL
Mikel Urdy
From: Cedar Park, TX
Band(s): The 80Hproject, The Close, Monte Montgomery
Andrew Warren
From: East Northport, NY
Freelance/Session Artist
Phillip Welch
From: West Monroe, LA
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