Leather Strap

Leather Strap

The Leather Strap was designed to enable you to add our smaller metal effects to your drum (mainly a snare drum).  However, during beta testing, we discovered that it can also be attached to your hi-hat clutch, center stem, or your cymbal’s metal wingnut to add effects directly on top of your hi-hats and/or cymbals.  We prefer to attach them to the outer side, so they’ll stay out of the way.


The strap is dual purpose.  It holds whatever Metal Effects and/or Modular item you’re using in place, so it doesn’t move around on the snare drum and it allows you to hang the item off the side of the drum when it’s not being used.


The Leather Strap is made with a magnet on each end of the leather strap and comes with a “figure 8” fastener which can be installed under your tension rod, the same way as our Drum Taco.  This allows you to use the magnetic feature even if you have non-steel hoops.


Product Specs:

Size: Approx 1" x 5", 3/4" high