Utility Clutch

Utility Clutch

The Utility Clutch is the core of our Modular System!.


The Utility Clutch is the starting point for you to design/create an endless array of Hi-Hat, cymbal, and kit effects.  It is designed to work with all our metal products and gives you the ability to stack multiple products together and to interchange them to suit your needs. 


The Utility Clutch is made from solid brass parts for that classic look and feel.  It comes with 2 felt washers, a mini wing knob adjuster and a nylon set screw to make the adjustment screw stay in place.  There is also an adjustable threaded ring so you can adjust the depth and tightness for one more dimension in your sound.


The Utility Clutch will fit standard cymbals with a 1/2" center hole and will fit up to 7mm threaded cymbal stands.


Product Specs:

Size: 3/4" x 2" with a 3/8" center tube

Weight: 2 oz