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Find the sweet spot with any beater FAST!


The Creative Percussion Brass Beater Weights (sold as a set of 2) are a great way to quickly and easily adjust the speed and balance of your beater. 


They are made with a solid brass core and a nylon flange center, so they will adjust and slide easily to any position without damaging the beater shaft. Tighten them into your desired position using the brass thumbscrew. No tools needed!


You can also use them as a memory lock for your beater height.


Just another dimension of sound and rhythm for your bass drum!


Fits up to 1/4" shaft.


Product Specs:

Core:  3/4” dia.

Height: 9/16”

Width: 1”

Weight:  0.7 oz each

Solid Brass Bass Drum Beater Weights (set of 2)