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Made from durable leather, the Sizzle Straps are made to last!


The Sizzle Straps are designed with multiple holes in the strap for maximum adjustability and use on cymbals sized 18”, 20”, 22”, and 24”.   


Adjust the placement on your cymbal stand so the balls at the end of the chains will ride at the edge of your cymbal, where the most vibration occurs.


The crescent shape allows for less leather touching the cymbal, so you’ll get a reduced amount of dampening. 


The chains are attached to the outer crescent points, keeping them about 3” apart.  As the chains cascade down the cymbal, they will spread out to about 4”-5” apart at the edge.  Having the space between the chains allows for the perfect area to play with less opportunity for your stick to get caught up as it may with a single chain sizzler.


Try it on a smaller cymbal by folding the strap onto itself to shorten it or invert the strap on your larger cymbals for a different effect.


Check out videos of the Sizzle Strap in action by typing #CPSizzleStrap into your search engine, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Be sure to use #CPSizzleStrap when you post videos using the Sizzle Strap.