It all started with a vision and determination.

Kevin Feeney Creative Percussion
Kevin Feeney:
Founder, Inventor, Drummer.


As the son of a drummer, I learned about a wide variety of drum gear at a very young age. As a working drummer for the last 35+ years, I've put my knowledge, experience, and intuition to work for myself.  I have been making my own kits, rods and anything I could think of, since I was a kid.  I've always had the ability to envision a better way to do things.  This vision started at the age of 12, when I stumbled across the opportunity to build and refurbished my very first custom drum kit, lovingly called the “Dump Kit” because it was, literally, built from drums I found at the dump.  From then on, there was no stopping my creativity and love for designing!  The satisfaction and passion I felt during my most creative times has driven me to broaden my knowledge and skills.  I've done everything from custom cabinetry to finish carpentry to screen-printing to designing countless custom drum sets for years with Feeney Custom Drums, and now, here at Creative Percussion, I can combine everything I love doing and help other people in the process.

I am incredibly excited to expand Creative Percussion with exclusive products, and to help my fellow drummers BE CREATIVE!!

I look forward to sharing the adventure with you all!

~Kevin Feeney

Creative Percussion:
Where Inspiration Leads to Innovation.


Creative Percussion is a family-owned business, founded in 2017, and run by husband and wife team, Kevin and Cheri Feeney. 


Kevin is the creative mastermind behind all our products.  He formulates, develops and perfects all our products by hand.  Nothing leaves our shop without his seal of approval.  Cheri is the technical glue behind the scenes.  She keeps track of all our Creative Percussion artists, dealers, customers, product orders and administrative tasks.  Their combined talents enable them to bring you the unique products and personalized customer service experiences you love.

Our mission, here at Creative Percussion, is to produce high-quality, creative percussion products with no limits.  We think outside the drum shell!  Whether it's creating new products to fill a need, coming up with a new TWIST on a classic, designing for the masses or for you, the individual, we've got it covered.


We want to help every drummer see the endless possibilities in their craft and BE CREATIVE!  We offer you products, tools and knowledge to help you be the best player possible. After all, your equipment is an extension of your mind's vision to make music.