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The FX Cross Bar is made to go between your hi-hat cymbal and your clutch felt or on top of your cymbal tilter.


Designed to fit up to two of our Cluster Stax layers, or other similar items, on either side, the FX Cross Bar allows the products to hang just enough to touch your cymbals. 


Use it on your hi-hat clutch

  • to get the sounds from the layers used
  • to get the sounds of the product dropping down and hitting the cymbal
  • to keep it located out of your way so it won’t interfere with your playing
  • with other Hi-Hat FX on the remaining exposed hi-hat rod


Use it on your cymbal

  • to get a sizzle effect which will vary depending on which layers are used


The FX Cross Bar can be used with many of our smaller modular items such as our Hex Hub, Hex Jingle, MFX Jingle Bell Ring, etc. 


We do not recommend putting any “striking” products on the FX Cross Bar, such as our Stax. 


This is not a STRIKING product it is made for HOLDING the products in place.  Striking it may cause damage.


FX Cross Bar