Low-Profile Brass Cymbal Nut 4-pack

Low-Profile Brass Cymbal Nut 4-pack

The Low Profile Brass Cymbal Nut stays where you set it!


-It features a nylon insert allowing you to adjust the amount of grip you have on the thread so the nut doesn’t loosen on you.

-With this nut having a tighter grip, you also only need to thread it down the height of the nut to ensure your cymbal won’t fly off, even if you like your cymbals loose.  You can make up the space with felts to keep the looser feel, if needed.

-Unlike traditional wingnuts that only touch the felt in two spots, ours is round and evenly distributes pressure, giving a more even wear to your felts. 


Product Specs:

Fits 8mm cymbal stands.

Height: 1/4” 

Dia: 3/4”