CP Artist




This program is designed to educate drummers about Creative Percussion products through the eyes and minds of other drummers.

The beauty of the Creative Percussion

Artist Program is that it’s not a contract. 

  • You are not obligated to use ONLY Creative Percussion products at your gigs or in photos or videos. 

  • You are not tied in for any required amount of time. 

  • You can actually publicly admit to using more than one brand of products.

Crazy, right??!!


Our Artist program is about spreading the word!

Your equipment is an extension of your mind's vision to make music and we want to be a part of everyone’s creative arsenal.


Do you think we have great products?

Then, tell people!  Help us get the word out!

We think we have great products that can help every drummer be the most creative musician they can be, BUT, it’s far more credible to hear that from a fellow drummer than it is from the product manufacturer.


If you currently have endorsements with any other drum, percussion or cymbal companies, please check with your artist reps to be sure you are not violating any terms of agreement with those companies by becoming a CP Artist. 


Being a CP Artist involves promoting our products publicly.  If you are not able to promote publicly, we'd still love to have you as a customer but you would not qualify for the CP Artist Progam.

Examples of potential conflict:

- If you have a drum stick endorsement elsewhere, you may not be able to publicly promote our Twist Rods.

- If you have a pedal endorsement elsewhere, you may not be able to publicly promote our bass drum beaters. 

- If you have a cymbal endorsement elsewhere, you many not be able to publicly promote our Stax.

So, here’s how it works:

  1. You must be a customer before being a CP Artist.  You can’t credibly say we have great stuff if you’ve never used any of it!  So, purchase a product (or two).

  2. Use the product(s) for a couple of weeks to really know how it works, feels and holds up.  Decide if you truly love our products.

  3. If you do and are excited enough to tell people, GREAT!!  Just go to the "Become a CP Artist" page and complete the online form.

  4. Once we receive your request, we will reach out to you to be sure the information you submitted contains all the information we need to add you to our CP Artist group.

  5. Now, start spreading the word!  Tell others about Creative Percussion.  Post pictures and videos of our products in use at your gigs (please have the products visible in the picture/video), during rehearsals or while you’re just having fun (G-Rated please). 


Please tag Creative Percussion in all posts and hashtag the items you’re posting about.  For example, Use @Creative Percussion and/or #CreativePercussion to tag our page.  To tag the products, like, Holey Hex Stax or Twist Rods, do #CPHoleyHexStax or #CPTwistRods It’s simple, always type #CP and then the product name without using spaces.  Capitalization doesn’t matter.

Benefits of being a Creative Percussion Artist

  • You will be able to view and purchase new products before the general public will.

  • You will receive periodic emails with updates on what's going on at the Creative Percussion shop.

  • You will get coupon codes for discounts on product purchases.

  • You may be selected to be a "Beta Tester" for some of our prototypes, giving you a chance to be involved in the fine-tuning of potential new products.

  • We will promote you on our Facebook page, Instagram page, YouTube channel, and website.

So, what’s the catch? 

Well, this is not a “one and done” type of program.

To remain an active artist and stay in the program, you will need to promote our brand via pictures and/or videos AT LEAST TWICE PER MONTH. (See below for details about what kinds of posts will qualify)

We will need to see that you are spreading the word, so be sure to tag us in ALL your photos and videos.


Videos can either be posted on Facebook (set to public so we can download them), OR they can be sent in to us via our video submission form on the website.  You can post videos to Instagram, but we are unable to download from Instagram, so you will need to post AND submit these through the form.

By not promoting at least twice per month, you will go into an inactive status and will no longer receive emails and discounts.  You may reactivate at anytime by sending us an email and posting two promotional posts within a month.

While we don’t have a lot of rules with this artist program,

we do have a few.


-First and Foremost:

If you would like to compare a Creative Percussion product to another brand’s product, please be respectful of the other company and its product(s).  No negative comments will be allowed.  You can describe the differences in other products vs. Creative Percussion products, but it must be done respectfully.


We are here to build this brand, not knock others down.

-Second: Regarding “what to post”:

All pictures and/or videos should show at least one CP product.

Posting a picture of your band at a gig, where we can barely see your kit, and then tagging us, would not count.  However, a picture from behind your kit, where we can see some of the products you’re using, would.  And a video would be even better!  We also love seeing our artists with our products, so a selfie showing us the product you're using that day/night would qualify too!

We are looking for posts that will showcase Creative Percussion products so we can save and re-use them for future promotions.


All reviews, photos, and videos will be used for the promotion of Creative Percussion products on social media and the Creative Percussion website. 

By submitting a review, you agree to the public use of your review, photo and/or video. 

So, if you’re in the witness protection program or living a double life as a drummer and you don’t want people to know, you may not want to submit.


That’s it!!

Check out the website, place an order and get started on your journey in creativity!

We look forward to having you as a part of the

Creative Percussion family,

where inspiration leads to innovation.

Do you already own and love Creative Percussion products?

Are you ready to become a CP Artist?

Click HERE to be directed to the "Become a CP Artist" page.

Complete the online form and get things rolling!