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Small Drums, Big Sounds!

These FX Drums are designed to give you another dimension in sound without taking up a lot of space.

The Pancake Popcorn FX Drums are made with 2” deep, natural maple shells which have a hand-rubbed polyurethane finish.  They are designed to have no vent holes so the drum has virtually no overtones.  They have dual, 45 degree bearing edges and an easy-tune lug-less design to give you single-tension tuning from the top with a drum key, like a standard snare drum.  The chrome hoops are 2.3mm, triple flanged and the heads are clear single-ply.

Shallow: We went with a 2” depth so the popcorn can bounce off and hit both drumheads for a wider sound.  We also wanted the ability to have it fit in amongst and even hang slightly over other drums.  We call it Space Saver Depth.


Popcorn: Popcorn is used because of its odd shape and that it never spoils.  Round pieces would roll but popcorn will lay flat and not move like a round piece would.  Popcorn has the perfect weight and shape for what we wanted.  It allows you to play the drum lightly and still have the sensitivity of a normal snare drum.  When the popcorn bounces you will get a slight delay giving you a reverb-type snare sound without snare wires or digital effects.  You can add or remove popcorn to adjust the depth of reverb (the more popcorn, the more muted the drum will be).  Remove all the popcorn and use the drum as a 2-headed timbale.


Center Bullseye Level: When the drum is completely level the popcorn is evenly distributed, giving a wider sound. The Pancake Popcorn FX Drum works best with an Omni Snare Stand as they allow you to adjust the playing surface to level or out of level.  Play it out of level to engage less popcorn for less snare sound.


Sounds great at all tuning intervals.