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Small Drums, Big Sounds!

The Creative Percussion FX Drums are designed to give you another dimension in sound without taking up a lot of space.

Whether you choose a Popcorn Drum, Pancake Tom, or any of our FX Snare options, you will be amazed at the sounds and versatility you’ll have at your disposal.

The Popcorn Drums are made with actual popcorn to give you a reverb-type sound without snare wires or digital effects.

The Pancake Toms have a shorter sustain and are bold with a full, round, vibrant sound.

The FX Snare Drums (Rocket Snares, Pancake Snares and Roto Snares) have fully adjustable snare mechanisms with 12-strand snare wires.  Turn the snare wires on or off with just the twist of a knob.  It’s like having two drums in one!

They all sound great at all tuning intervals.

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