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The Low Profile Hi-Hat Clutch works like any other hi-hat clutch, it's just compact to give you more room for add-ons!


This low profile clutch is designed to match all of our metal products!


It features solid brass parts and 100% wool felt washers.  The top has a spring tensioner and solid brass tension-adjustment nut.  The bottom has a solid brass nut with a nylon set screw so it will stay where you put it. 


Looking for a more traditional hi-hat clutch?  Check out our Standard Hi-Hat Clutch!

Our Low-Profile Clutch extends 1.25" above the hat cymbal.  Our Standard Clutches extend 1.75" above the hat cymbal.


Product Specs:

Fits up to 7mm hi-hat stands.

Height: 2”        Weight: 2.7 oz

Low Profile Hi-Hat Clutch