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Designed to give you another dimension in sound without taking up a lot of space.


CP Pancake FX Toms = "Tom-like" sound.

CP Popcorn FX Drums = "Snare-like" sound.


CP FX Drums:

  • Are compact and portable, measuring in at just under 3” tall, they can fit into your setup just about anywhere.
  • Are super responsive to play.
  • Don’t ring for a long time. Having no vent hole, the air has no place to go, causing the sound wave created by hitting them to cancel itself out.
  • Are easily stackable on the kit and in your cases.


The CP FX Drums are made with:

  • Natural maple shells, with a hand-rubbed polyurethane finish.
  • No vent holes so the drum has virtually no overtones.
  • Dual, 45-degree bearing edges.
  • An easy-tune lug-less design to give you single-tension tuning. from the top with a drum key, like a standard snare drum. The lug-less design creates a free-floating drumshell with no tension/dampening from the lugs, giving it more freedom to vibrate.
  • Chrome hoops, 2.3mm, triple flanged.
  • Clear single-ply heads.



Matching 10 mil clear heads, top and bottom.  Single tension tuning gives an easy way to have the same tension and similar pitch in both heads while tuning the drum from the top. For a different sound with the bigger drums, try a 2-ply top head (12” and larger).

vs. Popcorn FX Drum has 10 mil on the top and snare side on the bottom.



A shallow depth gives these drums less area to fill between the drumheads.  This feature,  combined with no vent holes means the sound can’t escape or linger.  When hit, these drums create a  sound wave that fills the area between the drumheads that can quickly cancel itself out, giving them a shorter sustain. The shallow depth also gives you the ability to have the