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I (Kevin) was in the shop working on four other designs for leather beaters.  I couldn’t decide which was the way to go, so I slept on it.  Apparently, the Bass Drum Beater Gods had their own idea and sent me this design in a dream.  It made so much sense that I had to give it a try.


Its uniqueness is so “CP”!  Folding the leather strip on itself gives it that “ribbon look”.  This design leaves the beater with open loops to give it a little bit of flex, while still maintaining a very stiff, durable configuration. 


Use your Leather Ribbon Beater in two ways, play with the sueded side for a slightly softer sound, or with the tanned leather side to get a slightly brighter sound.


Both striking sides of the beater have curves to them allowing for more of the beater to strike the head surface, regardless of your setup. 


Like all natural products, the leather will break-in and age over time, like a baseball mitt.



Product Specs:

Beater Head: 2” H x 1 1/2” W                 

Shaft: 17/4ph stainless steel

Overall Length: Including shaft is 8"      

Weight: 3.5 oz.

Leather Ribbon Bass Drum Beater