JB Deluxe Groove Ring

JB Deluxe Groove Ring

This special edition Groove Ring was designed with the help of CP Artist Joe Beninati, thus the “JB”. 


Like our original Groove Ring, it is available in 3 sizes and designed to fit on a 12”, 13” or 14” snare or tom.


It’s simple to use, just rest it on top of your drumhead and you’re ready to go!  It’s great for accents!  Play it with rim-shots or on its own.


Made from our Hex Metal, the JB Deluxe Groove Ring is hand-hammered and heat-treated to bring a specific tone out of the metal. It's formed into a domed shape with the outer edge slightly flattened to allow it to sit properly on your drumhead and the inner edge raised approximately 1/4".


Unlike our original Groove Ring, the JB Deluxe has 4 sets of steel jingles and an additional Stax layer for added versatility.


Features and uses of the JB Deluxe Groove Ring:

  • Get a loud tone without the need for a hard hit.
  • Use it as an accent sound which is similar to a pipe or anvil.
  • Use in conjunction with a rim-shot.
  • Enhance the industrial sound by disengaging the snare wires.
  • Add our MFX Jingle Bell Ring for another dimension in sound.
  • Experiment with other add-ons to change things up.


Add additional layers of sound with other components of our Metal FX Series and Modular System!


Due to it being a free-floating add-on, the JB Deluxe Groove Ring could bounce off if hit with too much force.  Easy solution, throw our Drum Taco or our magentic Leather Strap on for more security.


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