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The Cluster Stax is a layered modular system designed for use with our Utility XL and Rebound Clutches on your hi-hat rod.  You can also use up to 2 layers on each side of our FX Crossbar on your hi-hat rod or cymbal tilter. 


The two clutches are included with both the Starter Kit and the Deluxe Kit, but will need to purchase them separately if you’re purchasing the layers individually.   The Utility Clutch XL can fit up to 8 layers if you remove the felts.


The Starter Kit comes with your choice of TWO layers.

The Deluxe Kit comes with your choice of FIVE layers.


You will need at least 6” of exposed hi-hat rod to use the Cluster Stax properly.


The driving idea behind the Cluster Stax is to have each layer working with and off the other layers to create subtle blends of sounds each time they bounce off each other.  Each layer consists of loose, randomly-moving parts giving them their own unique sound. 


The loudest layers are the Mini Cowbells (6 Bells or the Trio).

To add more depth to the blend, add Traditional Bells and Jingle Bells.