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When one jingle is just not enough…


The Tringle (Tri-Jingle) was designed to go with the Head Shaker (our low-pitched Hi-Hat FX shaker), but it works well in many other combinations.  We wanted something that was visually cool to look at while offering a blend of complimentary sounds, and the Celtic knot design just speaks to our souls. 


Adding either style of Tringle to any instrument allows both instruments to compliment each other and blend while still giving their own disctinct sounds.  Using a leather base gives the Tringle the flexibility needed for the jingles and bells to move freely.  Using the Tringle on a drum will give you a slight dampening effect as well. 


JINGLES: Using three different jingle materials allows for a blend of metallic pitches in one instrument.  The jingle style offers a crisp, sharper attack.


JINGLE BELLS: The pair of jingle bells on each point allows for the perfect amount of sound without being overbearing. The jingle bells style offers a more subtle, softer sound.


Use a layer of each stacked on top of each other to get a wider, more full-spectrum jingle/bell sound.


The Tringle can also be used on the hi-hat clutch, just above the top cymbal to add that jingly-jangly rhythmic dimension.  Try it with our Utility Clutch on any of our Stax or on your own cymbal or drum.


Made with USA-sourced leather.