Lotus Jingle

Lotus Jingle

Compact in size, big on sound!


The Lotus Jingle features 24 steel, chrome-plated jingles fixed to a domed 5” Hex Stax base.  This design gives you a ton of sound without taking up a ton of space.  The Hex metal base keeps with the hand-hammered, heat-treated design of all our metal products and the versatility makes the Lotus Jingle fit right in with our Modular System.


Features and uses of the Lotus Jingle:

  • The jingles are at a slightly outward angle, allowing them to “dance” more than jingles that lay flat.
  • Using it jingles up vs jingles down will give you two different sounds.
  • Play it “cup up” with one of the short chains from our Hex Hub inside will add a little more of a metallic sound.
  • Use it on your snare or tom with the Leather Strap.
  • Use it as a hand jingle.
  • Use it on your hi-hat with the Utility Clutch.
  • Add a few layers of stax with the Lotus Jingle and our Utility Clutch on the hi-hat.
  • Play it tight or loose on our Utility Clutch to give two different sounds.
  • With it on our Utility Clutch, put the unit between our Rebound Clutch springs for amazing movement and sound.


Check out videos of the Lotus Jingle by typing #CPLotusJingle into your search engine, Facebook or Instagram.

Be sure to use the hashtag “#CPLotusJingle” in all your social media posts.


Product Specs:     Size:  5” point-to-point, 2” overall height: Weight: 6.3 oz.