KPF Loaded Lotus

KPF Loaded Lotus

The KPF Loaded Lotus!  One of Kevin's Personal Favorites!  


This is a WEBSITE ONLY item!

(This combo is offered at a reduced price and not eligible for any additional discounts) 


This combination consists of a Lotus Jingle, a Utility Clutch and a Rebound Clutch.  That's a $87.97 value combined together for you at this special rate of $82.99!!!  


*you will need at least 5 1/2" of exposed hi-hat rod for this product

Not enough space on your hi-hat rod?  Try our Hi-Hat Rod Extender!!


The effect you can get by combining these products is truly outstanding!  There's just nothing out there like it!  Using this combination on your hi-hat stem and working the pedal to get the rhythm you want is not only a great sound, but also a great tool to work on your timing and control.  The video says it all!  Once you "get it", you'll love it!  THANK YOU to our friends at SPINBAL for shooting the video!  Check them out!


This is a modular item, so you will be able to take it apart and mix and match its components with all your other modular items.  If you're new to the Modular System, this is a GREAT way to get started on your addiction...uh, I mean, collection! :-)


We aren't sure how long we will be able to keep this introductory rate going, so get it while it lasts!!

$87.97 Regular Price
$82.99Sale Price