Spring V Expansion Kits

Spring V Expansion Kits

Add to your sound!


The Spring V Expansion Kits make it easy to add even more uniqueness to your sound.


Choose from any of the 3 options; 1 Shaker & 1 Jingle, 2 Shakers, or 2 Jingles. Or get a few of each!


The shaker ball comes fully assembled. The screw and inner hex nut are glued, making it one unit.

To install, loosen the outer nut, insert the screw end through the Spring V in the desired location, then tighten down the nut.


The jingles, screw and nut come disassembled.  To install, insert the screw through the Spring V in the desired location, then add the jingles and tighten down the nut.


Install shakers and jingles on the top or bottom of the Spring V arm.


You will need a 5/16” wrench or socket and a Phillips head screwdriver to install your Expansion Kit.


Check out videos of the CP Spring V by typing #CPSpringV into your search engine, Facebook or Instagram.

Be sure to use the hashtag “#CPSpringV” in all your social media posts.