Spring V

Spring V

Add some spring to your grooves!


The Spring V’s sound comes from reactive movement when you strike it or mount it on your hi-hat. 


The spring-loaded steel assists in the movement of the shaker or jingle to give you a longer sound, much like how the sound lingers from the vibration of a cymbal.  The top arm gives you a longer, looser bounce with more movement. The bottom arm gives you a tighter, faster bounce.  Both arms can give you different types of rhythm depending on where you mount it and how you strike it.


The spring-effect you get from the spring-loaded metal allows for a longer, wider sound with either a single strike or single up or down-stroke on the hi-hat.  By striking it you get the attack of the stick hitting the metal and then you get the after-effect of the shaker or jingle movement.  Its offset design allows you to strike either the top or bottom arm with ease.


The uniqueness of this product is that it’s essentially a multiple-instrument add-on with many different configurations.  Use it as a hi-hat accessory, a drum kit accessory, or a hand jingle or shaker.  


The Spring V comes with its own clutch and our FX Post. Mount it off your snare or tom, or to the stem on you hi-hat or cymbal stand. The Spring V clutch fits over a 6mm threaded cymbal tilter.


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