Rake Stax

Rake Stax

Made from our signature Hex Metal, the Rake Stax are heat-treated to bring out the tones, as well as to give some pretty amazing color variations.


The two bottom layers are hand-hammered on both sides and the top layer is equipped with seven raised rake bumps to give you a loose, trashy, Latin-inspired, guiro-type sound.  All three layers are loosely attached so you will get sounds from each piece.


The Rake Stax are magnetic, making them very versatile.  They can be placed on your steel hoops, vertically on the side of your cymbal stand, on any of our Hex Metal, in fact, they work great with our Clutch Brackets added to the top of your hi-hats, really, they will go just about anywhere a magnet will stick.


  • Rake across it to get different rhythms.
  • Use them like a Hex Stax for a trashy sound.
  • Use them as a training tool for a back-and-forth “rake” motion to improve your control and coordination.


Product Specs:

Approx 2 1/4" x 12"

3/4" Height

Weight: 9.9 oz