Moon Raker

Moon Raker

It’s two products in one!  A guiro and a bell.


Made from our signature Hex Metal, the Moon Raker is hand-hammered on both sides and heat-treated to bring out the tones, as well as to give some pretty amazing color variations.


Its crescent shape allows it to only touch the back edge of the drumhead surface, leaving it more open in the front and minimizing any muting of the drum. 


The front rake, guiro-like section of the Moon Raker creates a Latin-inspired effect and behind that is the playable ridge which gives a bell-like tone.


The choice is yours!  Stand out from the ordinary!


It’s great for playing Clave rhythms, Cascara rhythms and New Orleans jazz beats.


The Moon Raker challenges you to find new and unique rhythm patterns. 

Whether you’re using it as a ride, an accent, or creating your own patterns, there’s always something new to discover.



We’ve included the Modular Leather Strap as part of this item because it will bounce.  We wanted to keep it as free moving as possible to create a more sustained sound on the drum but didn’t want it to bounce off entirely.


We suggest keeping the magnet as close to the outer edge of the Moon Raker as possible to allow for the most tone and movement, however, you can achieve a more muted sound by attaching the magnet further toward the center of the bell.


Check out videos of the Moon Raker by typing #CPMoonRaker into Facebook or Instagram.

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Product Specs:

13” Weight: 6.2 oz

14” Weight: 6.7 oz