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MFX System Starter Kit

The MFX System is a series of enhancement add-ons used to give you another dimension in sound and rhythm.  The MFX System is designed using Rare Earth magnets to allow you to change your sound quickly and easily.  These MFX products are perfect for drumset players, percussion players and even singers!


This starter kit includes 2 MFX Targets and 1 MFX Jingle. 

See individual descriptions below.


MFX Target

The MFX Target can be placed almost anywhere on your kit.  Designed with super strong 3M adhesive, you won’t need to worry about it falling off, ever.  Simply adhere the MFX Target to your desired surface (drumhead, cajon, cymbal, or any other non-metal surface), place the MFX Jingle on the target and enjoy your multi-dimensional sound! 

Note: Targets are not needed if attaching MFX Jingle to a metal surface, such as a cowbell.  Targets will not overly affect the resonance of the drum.

Product Specs

Size:       7/8” dia


MFX Jingle

The MFX Jingle is designed using a Rare Earth magnet for a super strong hold when placed on the MFX Target or any other metal surface.  It is made with three brass and one steel jingle, so they will remain loose and not be affected by the pull of the magnet.  On a snare drum, these MFX Jingles are great to fatten up your backbeat.  Attach it to your cymbals to add a unique sound, works best with stackers and chinas.  Be sure to try it on your cowbell or any of your Effects accessories.  It’s versatile enough to go almost anywhere.  The only thing holding you back is your imagination!


Product Specs

Size:       3/4” dia Rare Earth magnet

               1 5/8” Jingles

               Overall Height  1 3/8”

MFX System Starter Set