KPF 6 Stax

KPF 6 Stax

The KPF 6 Stax!  One of Kevin's Personal Favorites!  


This is a WEBSITE ONLY item!


This combination consists of four 5" Hex Stax layers, two 6" Hex Stax layers, a Modular Utility Clutch and a Modular FX Post.  That's a $100.94 value combined together for you at this great introductory rate of $74.99!!!  


After trying many, many combinations of our modular items, this one turned into Kevin's personal favorite and it became a permanent fixture on his gig kit.  He's not the only one who loves it, so did countless people at a recent drum show!  The sound is unique and seems to hit just the right tone for almost everyone!  After being asked by so many people to purchase it we decided to offer it as a package so as many people as possible can add it to their favorite products.  


This is a modular item, so you will be able to take it apart and mix and match its components with all your other modular items.  If you're new to the Modular System, this is a GREAT way to get started on your addiction...uh, I mean, collection! :-)


We aren't sure how long we will be able to keep this introductory rate going, so get it while it lasts!!

$96.46 Regular Price
$74.99Sale Price