Hex Jingle

Hex Jingle

A Creative Percussion style “Ching Ring”! 


The Hex Jingle is designed with our signature style of Hex metal combined with 3 stacks of 4 steel jingles (total of 12 jingles).  It has a compact 3.5” hexagonal base, so it won’t get in your way, and is hand-hammered, and heat treated to give the unique colors typically found in our metal products.


We’ve been told that these are the best sounding jingles out there.  After an extensive search and getting sample after sample, we agree!  We have definitely found our sound with these jingles!  They are just what we had been looking for!  They are loud and bright with a full sound.  They are made of good quality, chrome-plated steel, not cheap tin.  We think you’ll agree that they sound amazing!


The Hex Jingle can be used:

  • Added to any of our Hex Stax, top or bottom
  • Added to the Utility Clutch in our M