Hex Hub

Hex Hub

You’ll get an even more trashy effect with the addition of the Hex Hub!


The Hex Hub is truly unique.  Not only does it blend well with our Modular System, but it stands on its own as a multi-purpose cymbal effect.


The Hex Hub is designed with our signature style of Hex metal combined with 3 larger gauge chains (each approx. 8” long) and 1 traditional sizzler ball chain (approx. 12” long).  The chains have clips on both ends, which attach to the holes in the points of the hex, so you can adjust your musical trashiness to match your mood.  Simply change the tightness of the chains by moving the clips, clip the chains to themselves or just let the chains hang straight down.  The ball chain has an easy adjustment loop to allow you to put the end of the ball chain right to the edge of the cymbal, where it sounds best.  One of the great features of the Hex Hub is that, if you don’t want 1, 2 or any of the chains to hang down, you can store them in the dish-shaped hub.


The Hex Hub is made from the same cold-rolled steel as our Hex Stax and is heat treated to achieve the unique colors our Hex Stax are known for.  One difference is that they are not hammered, instead they are crimped to give a clean, sleek look and to give the hub strength and a more dish-shaped look.


The Hex Hub can be used:

  • Added to any of our Hex Stax.
  • Added to any of your cymbals as a traditional "sizzler" sound.
  • Added to the Utility Clutch in our Modular System, let the chains hang over the sides or keep them in the dish-shaped hub.  Both ways give a cool sound.
  • Used with our Leather Strap on a snare drum.  (Use a single chain for a reverb effect.)
  • Stacked with any of the Modular System products on the Utility Clutch for an endless combination of sounds.
  • Get Creative!


You’re going to love the SIZZLE and versatility of the Hex Hub so much; you should probably just buy an extra one now!


Product Specs:

Size:  3.5” point-to-point

Weight: 3.2 oz.