Groove Chain-ger

Groove Chain-ger

Want to CHAIN-ge up your grooves?


The Groove Chain-ger is perfect for situations where your drums aren’t “mic’ed”.  It gives you the option to quickly change your sound without the need for electronics or a sound guy.


It comes with 3 different size chains, and endless possibilities!


The Groove Chain-ger adds a distinct new sound to your existing snare drum.

By simply placing the Groove Chain-ger on the surface of the drumhead you can augment your snare sound.  The free movement of the chains on the Groove Chain-ger, allows you to achieve more depth and texture in your sound.

Used with the snare wires disengaged, you get a digital effect acoustically.  Used with the snare wires engaged, the wire sound is “fattened”, giving you a wider, more full sound.  These sounds are achieved by the vibration and movement of the chains on the drumhead while you’re playing.  The harder you hit, the more movement you’ll achieve, the more sound you’ll get.


You can customize your sound in so many ways with the Groove Chain-ger…use 1, 2 or all 3 of the included chains, with or without your snares engaged; attach them as a full-circle, in a “U” shape or “D” shape, playing with the chains in the “D” shape allows you to hit the cross-chain while playing which gives you a “hip-hoppy” snare drum sound; tighten or loosen the chains by adjusting the clip on the chain links; use one of our add-on attachments; the list goes on, be creative!! 


Comes with hook and loop tie-downs to keep the Groove Chain-ger from bouncing off while you're playing.


When not in use, it’s very easily removable.

It’s great live or in the studio.


The Groove Chain-ger is made with a steel outer ring with 8 steel loop attachments used for threading the chains through.  It is available in 3 standard sizes (to fit a 12”, 13” or 14” drum) and comes with 3 different gauge chains which can be used together or individually. 


Product Specs:

12” Weight: 10.7 oz

13” Weight: 11 oz

14” Weight: 12.5 oz