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Golf Ball Trio Shakers

Golf Ball Trio Shakers

Just the right amount of rhythmic sound!


The Golf Ball Trio Shakers are made from light-weight plastic practice golf balls and are filled with 3 different types of media to create the perfect blend of sound.  They are small enough to fit all of them in your hand so you can choose to use them individually or all three together.  You can easily mute one or two of them by holding them tighter in your palm while keeping the one or two you’d like to showcase out toward your fingers.  Their sound is loud enough to cut through and be heard, but not so loud as to be distracting.


These shakers are perfect for percussionists, singers, kids, really, for anyone looking to add a rhythmic sound to any musical situation.


Product Specs:
Size: 1 1/2" dia.
Weight: ?oz.