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Get two dampening feels with this playable dampener!


The Two-Sided Dampener is available in 3 sizes and designed to fit on a 12”, 13” or 14” snare or tom.


It’s simple to use, just rest it on top of your drumhead and you’re ready to go!


Made from our signature thicker weight metal, the Two-Sided Dampener is hand-dimpled and heat-treated to bring a specific tone and coloring out of the metal. It's designed with one side flat and the other dimpled to give you the choice of full or slight dampening.


Ways to use it:

  • Dimples up for full contact and lots of dampening, while still retaining the texture of the actual head.
  • Dimples down gives you more lively dampening.
  • Dimples down gives you a playable surface.
  • Dimples down gives a slight metallic reverb sound to the snare drum.
  • Add our Groove Ring or Groove Chain-ger for another layer in sound.
  • Add our Guiro or Rake Stax for a latin groove.
  • Use it on our Pancake Popcorn FX Drums when you need another texture.


Due to it being a free-floating add-on, the Two-Sided Dampener will bounce off if hit with too much force.  Not recommended for use with shallow hoops.


Check out videos of the Two-Sided Dampener by typing #CP2SidedDampener into your search engine, Facebook or Instagram.

Be sure to use the hashtag “#CP2SidedDampener” in all your social media posts.

Two-Sided Dampener Ring