Crescent Jingle with FX Post

Crescent Jingle with FX Post

Looking for something free-floating, quick-and-easy to change out, adjustable, and loud enough to be heard?

Look no further! 


The Crescent Jingle is made from our hand-hammered and heat-treated Hex Metal.  It has 5 pairs of steel jingles, a control arm with 2 adjustment holes, and comes with our Modular FX Post.  All components are made of steel, so you know it’s built to last!


The combination of the crescent shape to give less surface contact, and the hammered metal to create space between the metal and the drumhead, keep the piece from sitting flat on the head, causing minimal dampening.


The idea behind having the control arm loose and adjustable is to give you the ability to get more movement out of the free-floating jingles. The looseness makes the jingles more sensitive and allows the whole piece to move more freely and naturally with the drumhead. Having 2 adjustment holes on the control arm gives you the choice to have the Crescent Jingle close to the edge or further out on your drum. Having the Crescent Jingle on the FX Post, without being screwed down, allows for quick, easy adjustments and change-outs.


The free-floating design is ideal for those not wanting to muffle their snare while still adding another dimension in sound.


Product Specs:

Crescent Size: 8.5” long x 2” at its widest point. Approx. 5/8” tall.

Control Arm: Approx. 1” x 5”

Weight: 6.7 oz