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The Magnetic FX Arm is similar to our Leather Strap, in that it was designed to work with our Metal Effects and Modular Systems.  It enables you to add our smaller Metal Effects and Modular items to your drum (mainly a snare drum) but is less free-floating than the Leather Strap.  Where the Leather Strap allows for more sideways and back-and-forth motion due to its flexibility, the Magnetic FX Arm is more rigid and keeps your add-on more stationary.


The Rare Earth magnet end with hold your component in place while still allowing you to change it out quickly.  The 2 FX Post holes allow you to change the depth and placement of your add-on with no tools needed.


The included FX Post comes with installation instructions.


Not to be confused with our larger Clutch Bracket, which is designed to be used with either our Utility Clutch or your hi-hat clutch.


As always, check out our website or search #CPMagneticFXArm on Facebook and Instagram for product videos. 


Product Specs: 1” x 5”

CPA Magnetic FX Arm with FX Post

$25.99 Regular Price
$20.24Sale Price