Non-traditional in shape and sound, a true CP style gong.

The HEXaGONGs are not your ordinary gongs.  They are playable works of art!


The CP HEXaGONGs are hand-cut and hand-hammered then anointed with their own unique design to reflect the light and show off the amazing colors brought out by the heat-treating process.  No two are exactly alike!  The 12”-24” are made with our thinner and medium thickness metals while the 30” & 36” are made with our thickest metal.


These can be used in a variety of settings, from a bar gig, to a high school orchestra, to a meditation room, and many places in between.


How do HEXaGONGs differ from traditional gongs?

  • Instead of brass or bronze, we use steel.
  • Instead of round, we went with our signature CP shape, a hexagon…and it fits right in with the name!
  • Our metal is not as thick or heavy as a traditional gong so they will not ring as long. 
  • The hexagon shape allows the sound to be pushed out to all 6 points, allowing for more vibration than a round shape.


How to play your HEXaGONG:

  • Start playing with a lighter hit to warm it up and get it vibrating. 
  • Gradually increase the force of your hit to add intensity and movement.
  • Play the gong in different spots.  All gongs have a “sweet spot”.
  • Strike the raised center to get the lowest notes out of the gong.
  • Strike outside of the center to get a more “washy” gong sound.
  • Strike the outer points to get the most “wash” and a thunderous sound.