Twist Rods

Multi-Rods built to last!

Looking for more versatile, more durable multi-rods?

You’ve found them! 

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Why Twist Rods?


Because, like you, we got tired of spending exorbitant amounts of money to replace rods that would break after a few songs, or a set (if we were lucky), so we made better ones!  We developed Twist Rods, not only to let you get more for your money but also to give you a cool alternative. 

  • All our Twist Rods models are made from domestically grown Birch and Poplar, hand-dipped in lacquer for more durability and their grips are all fully glued, not just spot glued in a few places.

  • All models, apart from the Kendo Rods, have our signature, patent-pending twist which allows for more rebound, a fatter sound and more flexibility in the dowels. 

  • Our grip-wrap is a thinker PVC wrap, which is a more durable material than the typical polyolefin you find in most other brands.

  • All models come with vinyl caps for a traditional feel and feature the "O" ring* to give you the control and adjust-ability to get an open fat brush effect or closed tight stick sound.


*We suggest storing all Twist Rods in the open position with the "O" rings where the grip-wrap meets the open dowels for the best results.

Storing Twist Rods in the closed position, with the "O" rings at the playing tip may result in a lesser dowel flare over time.



Not sure which model to try?

Check out the suggestions below and

click on each product for a more in-depth description.

Looking for cymbal articulation?

Try one of the Originals; the Rock, Jazz or Jazz Lite models, which features an added aluminum ring.

Want a light, airy effect with more dowel movement?

Try the Bigfoot or Yeti models which have more dowels.

Looking for a completely different sound?

Try the Twisted Hybrid or Kendo Rods models which are unique and different.


Check out all 7 Twist Rods models to see which are right for you.  

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