Layer your sound with our collection of various Stax

All handmade, from cutting to coloring.

Every set of Stax gives you a different option for unique sounds.


Blend the Stax with each other or use a component from our Modular Essentials to combine them with our Metal FX products and Jingles & Shakers

You're sure to find the sound you're looking for. 


We went from creating the Hex Stax and Holey Hex Stax to developing an entire system that works together in an "a la carte" manner. 


The Modular Essentials are the starting pieces to our whole system of products.  They allow you to add and combine various pieces from our Stax, Metal FX and Jingle & Shakers collections to find the sounds that you're looking for.  Putting our collections together in an “a la carte” style, allows you to purchase individual pieces instead of wasting your money on unnecessary, duplicate parts.  This way, not only can we add to all the collections, but you can affordably add and combine the pieces you want to achieve the sound you’ve been looking for.


Be sure to check out our Modular Essentials!

Curious as to how our Metal Series of products was created?


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