Trash Ring

Trash Ring

Turn your hi-hats into TRASH HATS!


The Trash Ring is available in 3 sizes and designed to fit over your hi-hats to add a “trash” effect.


It’s simple to use, place the cross-arm on top of your hi-hat cymbal, on your clutch. You can adjust the tension with the clutch adjuster nuts.


Made from our Hex Metal, the Trash Ring is hand-hammered and heat-treated to bring a specific tone out of the metal. It's hammered to mimic the shape of your cymbal and designed to sit on the outer edge. This allows you to still have your hi-hat sound, just more trashy!


Features and uses of the Trash Ring:

  • Use it on your hi-hats to convert them to Trash Hats while still allowing the original tones of the hi-hats to come through.
  • Use it to add another zone of tone on your ride cymbal without hindering the outer edge or bell of the ride.


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Product Specs:

Weight: 12”: oz.

13”: oz.

14”: 9.4 oz.