Skinny Stax Deluxe

Skinny Stax Deluxe

The perfect, versatile accent piece, with add-ons!


Fits up to 7mm hi-hat stems. 

You will need 1” of exposed Hi-Hat rod to attach the Skinny Stax.


This product comes about from my many years in hardware stores as a construction worker, always eye-balling different items in the store to see how I could make them into percussion instruments.


The Skinny Stax was designed to be small and versatile so it could be used in many situations and places. It comes with an FX Post and built-in clutch so you can easily mount it on your snare, tom or 6mm cymbal arm with no need for additional equipment. You can also use it on your hi-hats. The addition of the Jingle and Shaker layers opens you up to even more sonic possibilities.


When used on your snare, you can incorporate it into your cross-stick playing for an extra dimension in sound.


When used on your hi-hat rod you can adjust the looseness of the Stax to give you a range of sounds from a “ching ring” to an accent Stax.


The “skinny” design allows for easier placement without the Stax getting in the way.


Try it with an MFX Jingle or MFX Jingle Bell Ring to completely change the dynamic.  


Check out videos of the Skinny Stax by typing #CPSkinnyStax into your search engine, Facebook or Instagram.

Be sure to use the hashtag “#CPSkinnyStax” in all your social media posts.


Product Specs:

Size: 9 " x 1 1/4"

Height: Approx 3.5"