KPF Hex Jingle/Strap Set

KPF Hex Jingle/Strap Set

We wanted to offer the Modular Leather Strap and Hex Jingle as a combo set because they work so well together.  By purchasing them as a set, you'll save a few dollars and get two great items to start or add to your collection.


Use the Modular Leather Strap on the side of your snare or tom to hold your Modular Hex Jingle in place. 


The Leather Strap easily attaches, with the provided “figure 8” fastener, under your tension rod, the same way as our Drum Taco.  (Installation instructions are included).  The magnet on each end of the strap will keep the Hex Jingle from bouncing off and will allow you to hang it off the side of the drum when it’s not being used.


Try the Modular Hex Jingle on your drum with jingles up for a more muted snare/tom sound, or with the jingles down for less muting.


Try adding our Modular Hex Hub or the Modular Triangle Jingle to the strap for another dimension in sound! 


Check out the other Modular Sets.  One has the Hex Jingle and the Utility Clutch.   Another has the Lotus Jingle and Utility Clutch.  Both at a great savings!

$30.98 Regular Price
$28.99Sale Price