The MFX Foot Band is part of our MFX System, which is a series of enhancement add-ons used to give you another dimension in sound and rhythm. The MFX System is designed using Rare Earth magnets to allow you to change your sound quickly and easily.


These MFX products are perfect for drumset players, percussion players and even singers!


MFX Foot Band

The MFX Foot Band is made from a strong, 2” wide elastic to fit over the toes of most shoes (will not fit on Clown shoes).  The band has an MFX Target attached to it which allows you to easily add the MFX Jingle (sold separately) or any future MFX products.


Simply tap your foot to keep time with the MFX Jingle.  It’s so easy to use, even singers can use it! (Not guaranteed to perfect their timing)


Product Specs

Size:  2” wide

Weight:  0.7oz

MFX Foot Band