Luna Stax

Luna Stax

A great way to get an electronic sound acoustically!


Keeping in line with our Hex Stax and working in layers of 3, the Luna Stax is a unique triple layered accessory designed to give you a higher-pitched, synthetic snare sound, which is similar to a hand clap.  This higher pitch is best achieved when striking with the shoulder of your stick.


The unique sound of the Luna Stax was created by combining three layers of a lighter weight metal, with the top layer having an 11” round piece of our Hex Steel, which is heat-treated and hand-hammered on both sides, permanently affixed to it.


The top layer has a perimeter chain to give a subtle clap sound that isn’t harsh.  The lowest layer is inverted and has a chain attached in six spots allowing the chain to move freely but stay evenly distributed across the metal.  Having the bottom layer inverted creates a cavity to give you a larger, deeper sound, like a drum, and the chain adds to the overall “snare-like” effect.


The Luna Stax is very versatile and can be used:

  • With all three layers in a snare stand.
  • With the top layer only, on top of a snare drum or floor tom for a little less movement.
  • With the top layer combined with either the second or third layers for a different variation of chain effect.
  • With Twist Rods, brushes and traditional drumsticks.


**Please be advised, the top layer is the only layer meant to be hit.


The Luna Stax are approximately 13" across and will fit comfortably on a drum 14" or larger. It’s easy to put on and take off so you can use it for one song and switch it out or keep it on for a full set. Using it on a 13" can work, but it may be a little snug.


Like our Hex Stax, the layers are hand-hammered, which will keep the layers from having full contact with each other. This also creates space, allowing sound from all 3 layers.


The Luna Stax are a great accent for grooves.