KPF Lotus Jingle/Clutch Set

KPF Lotus Jingle/Clutch Set

We wanted to offer the Modular Utility Clutch and Lotus Jingle as a combo set because they work so well together.  By purchasing them as a set, you'll save a few dollars and get two great items to start or add to your collection.


The Modular Utility Clutch is the cornerstone to our Modular System allowing you to design/create an endless array of Hi-Hat, cymbal and kit effects.  It fits up to 6mm cymbal stands and give you the option to stack multiple products together and to interchange them to suit your needs.


The Lotus Jingle features 24 steel, chrome-plated jingles fixed to a domed 5” Hex Stax base.  This design gives you a ton of sound without taking up a ton of space.  The Hex metal base keeps with the hand-hammered, heat-treated design of all our metal products and the versatility makes the Lotus Jingle fit right in with our Modular System.


Features and uses of the Lotus Jingle:

  • The jingles are at a slightly outward angle, allowing them to “dance” more than jingles that lay flat.
  • Using it jingles up vs jingles down will give you two different sounds.
  • Play it “cup up” with one of the short chains from our Hex Hub inside will add a little more of a metallic sound.
  • Use it on your snare or tom with the Modular Leather Strap.
  • Use it as a hand jingle.
  • Use it on your hi-hat with the Modular Utility Clutch.
  • Add a few layers of stax with the Lotus Jingle and our Utility Clutch on the hi-hat.
  • Play it tight or loose on our Utility Clutch to give two different sounds.
  • With it on our Utility Clutch, put the unit between our Rebound Clutch springs for amazing movement and sound.


Check out videos of the Lotus Jingle and Modular Utility Clutch by typing #CPLotusJingle and #CPUtilityClutch into Facebook or Instagram.

Be sure to use the hashtag “#CPLotusJingle” and “#CPUtilityClutch“ in all your social media posts.


Check out the other Modular Sets.  One has the Leather Strap and the Hex Jingle.   Another has the Hex Jingle and Utility Clutch.  Both at a great savings!

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$45.99Sale Price