The Hyper-Sphere Bass Drum Beater is one of our lightest beaters, weighing just 2.5 oz!  It’s made of polished, hollow stainless-steel and measures 48mm in diameter.  Not only does it look cool with its sleek shape, but it’s super light and fast, with plenty of attack!


The Hyper-Sphere Bass Drum Beater is deceptively fast!!!  Consider adding one of our Solid Brass Beater Weights for more control in balance and weight distribution.


It’s truly a unique beater to add to your collection!


The Hyper-Sphere’s stock color is polished silver; however, it is also available in our special-order beater section with the color choices of anodized Red, Blue or Purple.  All custom Hyper-Sphere beaters are finished with a tough, clear-coat finish.


Product Specs:

Beater Head: 48mm dia

Shaft: 17/4ph stainless steel

Overall Length: Including shaft is 8".

Weight: 2.5 oz.

The Hyper-Sphere Bass Drum Beater