You don’t have to go to church to get your dose of holey-ness!


The Holey Hex Stax are made with the same unique features as our regular Hex Stax.  The difference is that the Holey Hex Stax have less attack than our regular Hex Stax and they give you a wider, washier sound with a slightly higher pitch.  The smaller sizes have a little less volume to them, so they’d be perfect as an addition to the larger Hex Stax.  With the Holey Hex Stax, you’ll still get that trashy effect, but this series gives you a whole different sound. 


The Holey Hex Stax are comprised of 3 layers of hex-shaped steel.  Each layer is individually cut, hammered, drilled and heat treated.  No 2 are alike!  Each set is paired and tested for sound to ensure they match.


Unique features:

  • The Holey Hex Stax are, well, holey!  Each hex-shaped piece is drilled by hand.
  • Each layer is hammered on both sides.  This dual hammering leaves unique indentations and patterns protruding on each surface so they will never lay flat against each other, giving you a livelier sound.  Additionally, you can flip them over and stack them in different orders to get different characteristics.
  • The heat treatment gives each one a unique set of colors.  Heat treating the steel also changes the sound, leaving each set with its own identity.
  • Most stacks on the market are made of 2 layers, we’ve decided to go the extra mile and add a 3rd layer for more adaptability, creativity and depth to your sound.


Holey Hex Stax are fully adjustable depending on how you stack them and how much you tighten your stand’s wingnut down.  Don’t hesitate to experiment by flipping them over, changing the order and changing the orientation.


Available in multiple sizes, the smaller the size, the higher the pitch, the lower the volume.  Get creative, find your own sound, buy a set of each size and interchange them.  If you already own a set of Holey Hex Stax, you can purchase individual layers of other sizes, a la carte, and completely change your sound!  You can also combine the Holey Stax with our regular Hex Stax for even more variation.


While we do oil all our metal products before they leave the shop, the Holey Hex Stax will oxidize over time.  This oxidation is part of the organic look we were going for.  Here at the Creative Percussion shop in the Northeast, we have a high moisture content which helps speed the aging and oxidation along a little faster.  Depending on the climate you live in, you may see varying degrees of rust on your Hex Metal products over time as well.

While most people are loving the way their Hex Metal products are aging, we realize that some people may prefer a cleaner, low-luster, oil-rubbed finish.


Here's how to get a low-sheen, oil-rubbed look:

-Apply a thin layer of WD-40 to your metal product.

-Rub the surface with a clean dry cloth, repeat until you no longer see rust coming off on the cloth.

-Depending on your level of rust, this may take several repetitions. 

-The WD-40 will leave the surface feeling silky, if it still feels wet or too oily, simply wipe it down again with a paper towel. 

-Please allow your Hex Metal product to air-dry overnight before using it.


This simple maintenance option will not remove the rust entirely; however, it will take the exterior surface rust off.  The finish will have a low sheen to it, and you can reapply as often as needed.


We hope you love your Hex Metal products!


Product Specs:

6” point-to-point, Weight: 7.2 oz.

8” point-to-point, Weight: 13.2 oz.

10” point-to-point, Weight: 20.4 oz.

12” point-to-point, Weight: 28.2 oz.

14” point-to-point, Weight: 39.9 oz.

16” point-to-point, Weight: 50.7 oz.

    Holey Hex Stax (3 layers of same size - prices start at)