FX Splash Bell Set of 3

FX Splash Bell Set of 3

We wanted to make a line of FX Cymbals and Bells with different tonal values than traditional cymbals while keeping the signature “CP look” as we have with all our metal products.


The FX Splash Bell Set of 3 comes with a 5", 6" and 7" bell.


*If you would like more than 1 Bell, it's best to order them at the same time.

We do our best to blend pitch and colors when we make sets so they sound and look great together.

We cannot guarantee similar pitch or coloring to previous Bells when ordered at separate times. 


CP FX Cymbals

Bell: Thinner, hand-hammered

Body: Even thickness from bell to edge

Profile: Slight bow, more flat

Material: Steel

-The stretched metal of the bell, due to hand-hammering, makes our bells not quite as loud as a traditional cymbal bell but still loud enough to cut through the mix.

-Our cymbals are not lathed or pressed with a hydraulic machine, they are hand-cut, hand-hammered and hand-shaped.

-Individually heat-treated to bring out the unique colors and tones of the metal.


Traditional Cymbals

Bell: Thick

Body: Gets gradually thinner as you get to the outer edge

Profile: Bowed/Arched

Material: Brass or Bronze


While having a more definite pitch than a traditional cymbal, our splash cymbals are not tuned to a specific note. This allows for more overtones to come through adding to the unique sound that only Creative Percussion can bring you. 


Our splashes provide sonic opportunities, with a sound between a traditional splash and a chime, to combine with other cymbals or to stand alone as their own sole color.


In addition to these great sounds, the coloring process will also add another dimension to your set up with an eye-catching design.  Available in our Standard finish and our Starlight finish.  The Starlight finish is a light-textured finish that gives the metal a sort of galaxy type look.


Stand out from the ordinary with CP FX Cymbals!  No two are exactly alike!


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