The ELITE - Isolation Technology Bass Drum Beater

The ELITE - Isolation Technology Bass Drum Beater

Play longer with less aches, less pain, and more THUMP!

Would you like to reduce the impact your bass drum has on your ankles and knees??  Here's your solution! 


Have you ever thought about why runners put insoles in their shoes, carpenters use hammers with rubber grips, truck drivers have air-ride seats in their rigs and many drummers use cushioned stick grips?  We have!  These products are all designed to absorb shock and vibration to protect the user and to increase their performances.  Since vibration = fatigue, wouldn’t it make sense to use a product that absorbs vibration while you’re playing??  No drummer wants to have to stop playing due to an injury and living with less pain is always the preferred option.


“As a carpenter and drummer for over 30 years, both professions have taken a toll on my body.  Living with pain from these repetitive motion jobs led me to the creation of the Elite-Isolation Technology Bass Drum Beater.  This beater was designed to, not only, help drummers with current issues and injuries, but to help prevent future, long-term fatigue injuries.  I designed it because I have those injuries.  I only wish I had this beater years ago…my knees would be much happier.”  ~Owner/Inventor, Kevin Feeney


Let’s think about this for a moment.  The impact from a typical bass drum beater striking a bass drumhead causes a vibration which travels directly down the shaft, into your pedal and then into your foot.  The harder materials, like wood and hard plastic, produce more vibrational impact, thus causing more fatigue in your feet and knees.  The Elite beater is designed with a shock-mounted rubber-compound core to absorb some of this vibrational impact.  In our testing, drummers have stated that approximately 30% of the vibration they’ve felt with other beaters was absorbed by the Elite beater.  They felt less fatigue and were able to play longer sets before feeling the effects of playing.   


Because you paid for the whole beater not just the top edge, the Elite beaters have our signature rotating head, allowing the flat surface to make full contact with the drumhead, giving you the fullest amount of attack possible and an even wear. Additionally, each beater comes with one wood striking su