Dealer Yeti Twist Rods

Dealer Yeti Twist Rods

Creative Percussion Twist Rods are built to last!


All our Twist Rods models are made from domestically grown Birch and Poplar, hand-dipped in lacquer for more durability and their grips are all fully glued, not just spot glued in a few places.  All models, apart from the Kendo Rods, have our signature, patent-pending twist which allows for more rebound, a fatter sound and more flexibility in the dowels.  Our grip-wrap is a thinker PVC wrap, which is a more durable material than the typical polyolefin you find in most other brands.


All models come with vinyl caps for a traditional feel and feature the "O" ring* to give you the control and adjust-ability to get an open fat brush effect or closed tight stick sound.

*We suggest storing all Twist Rods in the open position with the "O" rings where the grip-wrap meets the open dowels for the best results. Storing Twist Rods in the closed position, with the "O" rings at the playing tip may result in a lesser dowel flare over time.


Looking for something….even bigger?? 

The Yeti Twist Rods are part of our 2X Twist Rods Series and are the largest multi-rods we offer (for now)!  They have 7 more dowels than their little brother, the Bigfoots, and have a larger grip to give you that little somethin' extra !


They are made with the same durability features as our originals, which include the fully glued grip and hand-dipped lacquer finish.  The difference is, these models have more dowels and a shorter grip-wrap which allows the additional dowels more room to move.  The extra movement gives them even more of a full, fat tone.  With the use of the included “O” ring, you can dial in the right amount of dowel movement and create the sound you're looking for. The feel is light and airy in the open position, making even double stroke rolls a breeze.


Are you ready for your YETI???


Product Specs:

YETI: (black grip with white stripe and Yeti image) 37 - 1/8" x 16" birch dowels.

$24.99 Regular Price
$18.74Sale Price