Dealer Standard Twist Rods (3 sizes)

Dealer Standard Twist Rods (3 sizes)

A TWIST above the rest!

Creative Percussion Twist Rods Multi-Rods are built to last!


The Rock, Jazz and Jazz Lite models are our Original Models...the ones that started it all!!


All our Twist Rods models are made from domestically grown Birch and Poplar, hand-dipped in lacquer for more durability and their grips are all fully glued, not just spot glued in a few places. All models, apart from the Kendo Rods, have our signature, patent-pending twist which allows for more rebound, a fatter sound and more flexibility in the dowels. Our grip-wrap is a thinker PVC wrap, which is a more durable material than the typical polyolefin you find in most other brands.


All models come with vinyl caps for a traditional feel and feature the "O" ring* to give you the control and adjust-ability to get an open fat brush effect or closed tight stick sound.

*We suggest storing all Twist Rods in the open position with the "O" rings where the grip-wrap meets the open dowels for the best results. Storing Twist Rods in the closed position, with the "O" rings at the playing tip may result in a lesser dowel flare over time.


The Rock, Jazz and Jazz Lite models feature an extended heat-shrink grip-wrap to give extra protection to the rim shot zone, additionally, the wrap covers the Creative Percussion exclusive aluminum ring at the end of the shaft. The aluminum ring gives you more articulation when hitting the cymbal. 

These 3 models also come standard with dual-purpose rubber butt-ends, which give the stick a great counterbalance and can be used as mallets for some amazing cymbal swells or tom rolls.  We include vinyl caps as well, for those looking for a different feel.


Looking for something...bigger??  Check out our Bigfoot and Yeti Twist Rods models!


Product Specs:

ROCK (black grip, red stripe) model consists of 7 dowels 3/16" x 16"

JAZZ (black grip, blue stripe) model consists of 19 dowels 1/8" x 16"

JAZZ LITE (black grip, white stripe) model consists of 14 dowels 1/8" x 16"