Dealer Hyper-Sphere Bass Drum Beater

The Hyper-Sphere Bass Drum Beater is one of our lightest beaters, weighing just 2.7 ounces!


This beater head measures 51mm in diameter (just over 2").   It’s made of hollow stainless-steel which is hammered and heat-treated by hand to bring out the amazing colors.  No 2 will be exactly alike. 

*If you have a double kick,  and want a set, please order them at the same time so we can get them to match as closely as possible.


Not only does it look cool with its sleek shape, but it’s super light and fast, with plenty of attack!


The Hyper-Sphere Bass Drum Beater is deceptively fast!!!  Consider adding one of our Solid Brass Beater Weights for more control in balance and weight distribution.


It’s truly a unique beater to add to your collection!


Product Specs:

Beater Head: 51mm dia (just over 2")

Shaft: 17/4ph stainless steel

Overall Length: Including shaft is 8".

Weight: 2.7 oz.