Our Hex Practice Pads are hand-crafted, meticulously assembled and designed with two playing surfaces to give you the most for your money.  The red “CP” side has full 10” snare wires stretched across the inside and the black “CP” side is more of a Tom-Tom/regular practice pad with no snare wires.


The shells are made from 1/2” Arctic Birch plywood, the playing surface is made from 1/8” Arctic Birch plywood and it’s finished with a durable polyurethane.  The playing surfaces have an 1/8” foam and a tough, mylar-like plastic to simulate a drumhead. Although it will fit in most snare baskets, each practice pad comes with a round metal tray to fit in a snare stand, allowing you to flip the pad without having to loosen the basket, giving you ease-of-use while using it as an auxiliary snare.  It has a fitted cork stopper for the vent-hole allowing you to adjust volume and resonance.  It is recommended to keep the stopper in while using the snare side for a tight snare sound. 


These practice pads are designed for multi-use; as a practice pad, it feels more like a real drum; as an auxiliary snare drum on your kit, it allows you to get a completely different snare drum sound, almost synthetic/electronic, like the JoJo Mayer (Nerve) sound; as an acoustic snare drum, it’s great for shows where volume is an issue and works great with a cajon. 


Having a hollow body shell, it resonates and is not dead-feeling like a traditional rubber pad. 


This is an all-around, all ages product.  Great for beginners and more seasoned musicians.


Product Specs:

Size:      12” point-to-point

              10 ½” flat-to-flat

               2” thick

Weight:   24.6 oz

Dealer Hex Practice Pad